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Straight from Mexico

Milagro Foods was founded specifically for discriminating chefs and gourmet cooks who appreciate the difference that using the highest quality dried peppers can make. You can notice the difference in the depth of color, rich taste and aroma of our peppers. Our special processing and handling techniques helps us preserve all of the subtle unique flavors of our dried pepper flakes and grounds.
Our dried pepper flakes and grounds are great for traditional Southwestern or Mexican cooking, to BBQ’s, stews and sauces. Great with all types of meats, vegetables and beans; add it to soups, marinades or rubs. You can also try sprinkling it over salads, pizzas or snacks.

All of our dried peppers are 100% pure, natural and authentic. They are produced without additives of any kind; no preservatives, colors, flavors, nor spices are added. We select our products for the best flavor, color and heat. Also the stems are always removed to maintain the highest quality and taste. Finally, our dried pepper products are produced in third party inspected and certified environment. This ensures food safety, purity and the consistency you demand for your restaurants and kitchens.

All of our dried peppers flakes and grounds come straight from Mexico, this helps to preserve the freshness and authentic flavors of our products. We then work closely with your favorite suppliers, so that we can deliver them to you in the shortest amount of time.

Pepper Pods


100% Natural
No Preservatives, Flavors or Colors

Non GMO ingredients | Kosher certified | Allergen component free